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June Estelle

June Estelle is a country girl at heart, but with the right amount of jazz. She is a singer songwriter for manchester and also a self taught pianist,  june hit the music scene many years ago in a duo but now her individuality has taken her on a country road to success.

With such an amazing vocal range she feels at home on any large stage june hit it in london and also topped the bill at the londons largest battle of the bands the also played at one of londons finest underground music venue's

June has been in high demand on many radio stations up and down the uk, singing live and even featured on band vault tv, June Estelle signed with RedRose Records in early 2021 and now she is working on her amasing new album ( A Road Less Travelled) which will also feature the hit single ( Walking Miles In The Rain) 


The Alpine Movement
Started in 1998 it came when 5 musically influenced lads set about making original indie / dance music
With the philosophy of making music with substance
We created a set and then started playing live our gigs were events and we created a madchester style buzz in Bradford
We partied hard some more than others , we started playing around Bradford and Leeds areas our gigs became notorious for our dysfunctional style of playing live
We wrote powerful sub cultured songs with a emphasis on quality rather than quantity we always had this cycle of being together then falling apart
Move forward 20 years and we reformed after meeting up and airing our graces
Back In the practise room we had a new member Jamie Hamilton who played (keyboard )
Also in the band were Stephen AKY Atkins ( lead guitar )
And Steven HAMI Hamilton ( bass guitar) and Greenie ( vocals ,lyrics )
Greenie had found recovery from addiction after 25 years Of Chaos
We had 2 other members Christian Gregory ( vocals , lyrics ( and Rob Wormald ( Drums )
We got a set together and started to play gigs unfortunately Christian and Rob left the band
We were funded by a amazing man we know to record a album so in 2018
We started recording the album
This album was testament to the diverse quality
We recorded some of the old songs but crafted some new songs for the album
Which is called “COME ALIVE “
New songs
Messengeritis, Chalkboard Humanity,
Solidarity ,
Acid Attack ,
Were also recorded
We grafted at Prospect studios creating new songs and records at Sound City Studios
We then had 2 new members who joined the band
Jonny JONBOY Eyres ( Drums )
And Lynsey Cawthra ( vocals )
The Alpine Movement
Became stage tight and now in 2021 are about to explode and explore the sub cultured scene
Playing live they generate a energy that is hypnotising
It’s pure street sound at its finest
The believe in the motto of entertaining and stimulating our pals who come and watch us
The Alpine Movement are ready to rock and roll and put some musical energy into the scene
Buckle up Because
The Alpine Movement are in the area and rock steady ready